Web Chat Operation

Web Chat Operation

The most effective websites are the ones that are ever changing.  This means that they require pertinent, dynamic and current content, but even that sometimes is not enough.  Many times the only way to meet the needs of a person visiting a website is to provide a means of interaction.   This trend will only become more important over time and it is clear that ultimately a successful website will require it to be alive.

Alchemy’s goal with the Live Chat service is to give our clients the ability to have real-time interactive sessions with visitors and bring their websites to life.  For instance, if you are a doctor selling an elective procedure like Lasik, spider vein treatment, teeth whitening or tattoo removal Alchemy’s Live Chat can help you in many ways:


  • Visitors with questions about a procedure will not have leave your website and seek the answer at one of your competitor’s.
  • Visitors will interact with an RN who has been specifically trained on your clinic, procedures, and policies.
  • We will virtually extend the time period in which people connect to you because we are available on evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • During the interactions we can often capture contact information and drive potential patients into the clinic.


Of course, the interactions can be used for more than just selling services.  The same system can be used so that patients can schedule appointments, register as patients, or check on things such as insurance coverage.  And, they can do it at a time and from a place that is convenient for them.

It is extremely easy to get Live Chat configured on your website and Alchemy can work directly with your web developer to get this in place quickly and with little to no cost.  Contact us soon to learn more!